“Beast” and “Sprite” Art Challenge

Beast - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 2

I’m still going strong with the art challenge #Shadowheartchallenge. Yesterday the prompt was “Beast” and I made this sweet beast

I’m not sure if I can draw angry or evil creatures, I’ve never tried. They always come out some kind of cute.

Today the prompt was “Sprite”. I had to google that one, no idea what it was, accept for the soda It’s kind of a fairy but they look a bit like a mix between insects and flowers. A bit hard to explain…

So I made what I thought is a sprite. She is a mix of different insects and her hair is made of blueberries. I think she’s cute

I’ve made them both with Derwent- and Caran d’Ache Pastel Pencils and Graphite Pencil.

It’s so great to share this on instagram, get all the lovely and encouraging reactions and see what stunning things other participants make, love it!

Sprite - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 3

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