“Blue Cardboard Girls” Mixed Media

Blue cardboard girls - girl mixed media drawing paintingHello. My name is Janet Rozenberg and I’m an addict.

I have to be honest about it, it is true….I am terribly addicted to drawing. I love it, need it and not a day goes by that I don’t draw or at least think about it. When I draw I feel relaxed, happy and forget about time.

And I draw on everything I get my hands on. Little pieces of paper that are in the trash or a torn up light blue carton box that came in the mail. I can’t help myself!

For the little brown and black girl on the left I used Derwent Graphik line markers, white Molotow acrylic marker and Uni Poscametallic acrylic marker. For the other two I grabbed my beautiful Prismacolor pencils which I love so much and also a white Molotow acrylic marker.

I believe my addiction is really very harmless so I think I’ll keep it for now

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