“It’s a Boy!” Mixed Media

It's a Boy - girl and boy mixed media drawing paintingIt appears that I can only draw girls. What comes out of my pencil are always girls faces …
I can’t seem to help it Until one day in February …

I sat down at my desk, took a little piece (6cm x 6cm) of scrap cardboard and started drawing. And then it happened! The little face began to look a little less girlish … I was almost afraid to breathe but kept on drawing. Could this really be the first time I drew a boy…?

It's a Boy Boy - girl and boy mixed media drawing paintingAnd yes it was! There he was on my desk, on this little piece of scrap cardboard, my first boy! And I loved him!

I didn’t want him to feel alone so I made him a little friend, of course that turned out to be a girl again…

Until this day, this is the only boy that ever came out of my pencil. But I think he’s alright with all his girls

I put Golden Absorbent ground on the cardboard. Used some FW Acrylic ink for the background. Amsterdam acrylic paint for the faces. Graphite pencil for the drawing and the rest I did with Prismacolor pencils. And off course some white with Molotow acrylic pen.

It's a Boy Boy Girl - girl and boy mixed media drawing painting

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