“Green Bubble Girl” in my Altered book

Green Bubble girl Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing

I am someone who likes to work small, little drawings of 10×10 cm. Or in my Art Journal (BookDori) that is about 15×20 cm. That is big enough for me. If it’s bigger I find it a little intimidating.

But I do have a bigger book, an old altered science book, that I’ve sometimes used to work in.
A double page is 37×26 cm and I’ll find it very big. But for this girl I did use it and I didn’t find it intimidating at all! Just grabbed my pencil and started drawing big without thinking about it. Lots of times things are just in your head and you think they are true until you just try them and prove your thinking to be wrong.

I’ve started with putting a thin layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the page. Then I’ve used Derwent Pastel Pencils for the coloring, Derwent Graphitint Pencils for some darker lines and Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils for the shading. For the background I’ve used Pan Pastels.

I love the transparency of it all and how her hair worked out, it looks like little round pillows sewn together and makes it all look very soft. The bright green color is very beautiful. And I love her chubby cheeks.
Still trying to find out if she is finished or not. For now I let her be the way she is.

Green Bubble girl face Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing


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“Practicing girl faces” Pencil Drawing

Girl face 1 - pencil drawing painting

I love love LOVE drawing faces! Just sitting on the couch with my BookDori (I will show that in a later post), watching tv and draw draw DRAW! Not trying to draw lifelike faces, just some kind of whimsical girls.

Girl face 2 - pencil drawing paintingThese two I’ve made with a graphite pencil and a blending stump on simple white paper.

It always amazes me how different the faces are and how much I learn by just relaxing and draw.

Girl face on newspaper 1 - pencil drawing paintingIn my BookDori I’ve made an insert with newspaper paper and I’ve drawn a few faces on that. This one I’ve done with a Colored Graphite Pencil.

Girl face on newspaper 2And for the last two I’ve used a Cretacolor Nero Soft 2 and a blending stump.

They are all so very different, one looks cross-eyed, another dreamy or a little suprised.

I just let them come as they are and love them all because they give me so much peace an pleasure!

Girl face on newspaper 3 - pencil drawing painting

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“Your own Soul” in my Art Journal

Your own Soul - Art Journal - mixed media painting drawingThis is a fresh one, I finished it yesterday, so I still know the date!

I’ve made it in one of my Art Journals, my “new” altered book as I showed in this post. First I’ve put a layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the page. Then painted the background with different colors acrylic paint mixed with water to make it a bit translucent. And while still wet I’ve placed a stencil on top of the paint and rubbed through it with a baby wipe to remove some of the paint. I used two different stencils from The Crafters Workshop.

Your own Soul - Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing aMost of the girl and the owl are done with Gelatos and Neocolor II without waterI’ve blended them using a blending stump. It gives a nice creamy result and I really like that.
It’s the first time I used the Gelatos this way but I will definitely do it more often.
In this book the words are in the page instead of on the page. So you see the impression of the words on her face. I think it looks great.

The dress I did with only some shading, but mostly left it like it was. For the outlining and lettering I´ve used Faber Castell Glass-Metal-Plastic Pencil and white Molotow acrylic pen. The shading I did with charcoal pencil and Pan pastels.

“There is no other teacher but your own soul”

Your own Soul - Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing 1b

This beautiful quote  is from Swami Vivekananda. I think it’s so true.
It was on my mind while working on this page and so it had to be in it.

I still have to work very hard on my handwriting, because it’s not so great … but what the heck, it’s my project, in my journal, with my not so great handwriting

But I sure do hope that my writing will improve in the future. My handwriting has always been terrible and sometimes not even readable, but I keep trying! I’m afraid I do have to practice much, much more …

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“Tulip Girl” in my Altered book

Tulip Girl Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing

This is the first page of one of my altered books. The size of the book is about A5 (14.8 × 21 cm). I also have a bigger altered book, about A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and did some projects in that one as well. But sometimes I’m a little intimidated by the big empty pages, even though the pages aren’t really empty of course

Art Journal Altered book small - mixed media drawing paintingSo last week I went to the thrift store and bought a new old book. I love old children’s books, they often have beautiful covers. This one also has nice thick pages to work on.
And then there comes the moment to tear some pages from the book … and that is so very hard to do
I really, really, really love books and hate tearing them up, but it has to be done otherwise the book gets to thick when working in it, and after the first few pages the tearing gets a little easier. It also helped that the story is about hunters and I don’t really like hunting. There even was a picture of a hunter killing a bear …  That page went first!

So what did I use?

First I’ve put a layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the page and sprayed some different colors Acrylic Ink on it.

Then I drew her with graphite pencil and painted her face with acrylic paint. I did most of the coloring with Neocolor II watersoluble crayons and added some shadow with charcoal pencils. I believe that’s all I’ve used.

I love how she turned out and that the ink is shining thru the neocolors, what was not planned that way but accidental worked out great

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know, love to hear from you!

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