“Cutie Pie” Pastel Pencil Drawing

Cutie pie - pencil pastel drawing paintingWhat I love to do while watching TV is to take my BookDori/Artjournal and a pencil and just do some sketching.

This weekend I sat down on the couch and enjoyed watching the World Cup of Darts, meanwhile sketching this little cutie pie

At first she was just a pencil drawing but she was perfect to try out my new Caran d’Ache pastel pencils! I really enjoyed it, the colors are so soft and pretty, love how sweet she looks.

I’m used to the Derwent Pastel pencils, they are chalky and great to work with. The Caran d’Ache pencils are more soft and creamy, but still chalky. I like them both for different reasons.

Have a nice day!

Caran d'ache pastel pencils

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“Practicing girl faces” Pencil Drawing

Girl face 1 - pencil drawing painting

I love love LOVE drawing faces! Just sitting on the couch with my BookDori (I will show that in a later post), watching tv and draw draw DRAW! Not trying to draw lifelike faces, just some kind of whimsical girls.

Girl face 2 - pencil drawing paintingThese two I’ve made with a graphite pencil and a blending stump on simple white paper.

It always amazes me how different the faces are and how much I learn by just relaxing and draw.

Girl face on newspaper 1 - pencil drawing paintingIn my BookDori I’ve made an insert with newspaper paper and I’ve drawn a few faces on that. This one I’ve done with a Colored Graphite Pencil.

Girl face on newspaper 2And for the last two I’ve used a Cretacolor Nero Soft 2 and a blending stump.

They are all so very different, one looks cross-eyed, another dreamy or a little suprised.

I just let them come as they are and love them all because they give me so much peace an pleasure!

Girl face on newspaper 3 - pencil drawing painting

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