“Happy Easter” Mixed Media

Happy Easter - girl mixed media drawing painting

This is a little mixed media “Easter Bunny Girl” I’ve made on a piece of cardboard (10×10 cm),
to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

I’ve started with putting a thin layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the cardboard . To make her I’ve used graphite pencil for the drawing, Prismacolor pencils for most of the coloring, Pan Pastels and a stencil for the background and Molotow acrylic pen for the highlights. The words “Happy Easter” I added with PaintShop Pro.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mixed Media

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in” Watercolor

In lak'ech ala k'in - watercolor mixed media drawing painting

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in”. It’s a Mayan greeting and means “I am you. You are me.”
It is a statement of oneness with all living things including of course Mother Earth. I love it, with a very few words it says so much.

Sometimes it’s so easy to feel the oneness, especially with people who are dear to you. Or in nature, when I’m not stuck in my head, I can feel the energy from the trees, the birds, the sun… And of course when I’m drawing!

But sometimes it’s a bit harder, for instance with people or things you don’t really like very much It’s a great lesson to learn to see the oneness with those too … I’m still learning!

So in november last year, with this beautiful greeting in mind, I’ve made these two girls. I’ve painted them with watercolors on watercolor paper, size 10×15 cm. The drawing I did with graphite pencil and white gel pen and the words I’ve printed on my old printer which is not very good anymore, it prints every letter twice.

Remains for me to say to you…… 

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Mixed Media · Watercolor

“Special little girl” Mixed Media

Special little girl 1 - girl mixed media drawing painting

I have an idea for a small book about a special little girl. But for that I need to draw the same girl a couple of times and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

So I just started drawing a girl, to see if she was special. And of course she was, like all the girls are, and all the boys of course. I’m talking about real life now, not just about drawn little people. Everyone is special and beautiful. But most of us have forgotten and are just trying to fit in to this strange society that we call normal

There are so many people who do not live their lives but do what they think is expected of them. They live empty lives and are trying to keep up … but with whom, with what? And when are you good enough, when do you fit in? When you have a lot of money, or the right clothes, or the biggest cars, or the most facebook friends…? You feel you are never good enough, but how can you if you don’t even know where you’re supposed to fit in to, or what you have to be like. So lots of people are living a life that is not their own. And that is very sad.

I feel people should listen more to their true hearts and a little less to their deceiving and confusing minds. The world would be a much nicer place …

So after this speech back to the little book about the special little girl 

I’ve made some drawings, 2 of them on a piece of cardboard. But I had not noticed that one of the pieces was smoother than the other. So the Prismacolor pencils look different on the second one.

After these two I started drawing on some pieces of  mixed media paper, so they all will look the same.

I’ve used Graphite pencil for the drawing, Prismacolor pencils to color the girl. The white around the girl is done with Molotow acrylic pen and the background with a Stencil and Pan Pastels.

Be like this special little girl … just be your own unique self!

Special little girl 2 - girl mixed media drawing painting

Mixed Media

“Little Love” Mini Mixed Media

Little Love - Mini mixed media - girl media drawing paintingAnd there she was … a cute tiny girl. But she is also a bit of a tomboy with her dirty shirt and messy hair. Secretly she wrote “love” on the wall and now she is trying to look very innocent and o so sweet. And I think she is getting away with it

One afternoon this week, I was sitting at my desk staring at a box of little strung tags I bought a few weeks ago at a thrift store. They where very, very cheap and I had to take them home, having really no idea at all what to do with them. So for a couple of weeks they where standing there, until that one afternoon …

I got 1 of the 500 out of the box and just started (after I put on my reading glasses )
I took a stencil, stamped it with some VersaMark archival ink and used a few colors PanPastel to put on the ink. And there was the wall.

Then I took a sharp graphite pencil and started drawing. Of course the drawing became a girl … I colored her with Prismacolor pencils and wrote “love” with a Tombow acrylic pen.

As you can see she is about as high as a normal size paper clip. The size of the tag is 28 x 43 mm.

Love this little girl. 1 down, 499 to go!

Mixed Media

“It’s not easy being green” Mixed Media

It's not easy being green - girl mixed media drawing paintingI’ve made this little green haired girl yesterday. Just started drawing with pencil on a piece of cardboard and suddenly there she was. That is what I love so much about drawing, just putting your pencil to the paper and see what comes out.

This little one is a bit different because of her green hair, and that’s not always easy. Luckily she has her friends the flowers to talk to and keep her company, they never let her down. The flowers understand what it is to be green and love her for it. And that is all that matters…

I was planning on doing much more to this little drawing, like writing a quote, draw more flowers. But she was just perfect as she was. She needed nothing more.

This is what I’ve used to make this little mixed media girl.
As I said, the background is a piece of cardboard, about 10×10 cm, with a thin layer of clear gesso. The drawing I did with graphite pencil and the coloring of the little girl with Prismacolor pencils.

For the background I’ve used a stencil with VersaMark archival ink. Then put PanPastels on the ink. The white whas done with a Molotow acrylic pen.

I really like the vagueness of the PanPastels, it gives it the dreamy look that I love so much.

Glad she is here!

Mixed Media

“Your own Soul” in my Art Journal

Your own Soul - Art Journal - mixed media painting drawingThis is a fresh one, I finished it yesterday, so I still know the date!

I’ve made it in one of my Art Journals, my “new” altered book as I showed in this post. First I’ve put a layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the page. Then painted the background with different colors acrylic paint mixed with water to make it a bit translucent. And while still wet I’ve placed a stencil on top of the paint and rubbed through it with a baby wipe to remove some of the paint. I used two different stencils from The Crafters Workshop.

Your own Soul - Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing aMost of the girl and the owl are done with Gelatos and Neocolor II without waterI’ve blended them using a blending stump. It gives a nice creamy result and I really like that.
It’s the first time I used the Gelatos this way but I will definitely do it more often.
In this book the words are in the page instead of on the page. So you see the impression of the words on her face. I think it looks great.

The dress I did with only some shading, but mostly left it like it was. For the outlining and lettering I´ve used Faber Castell Glass-Metal-Plastic Pencil and white Molotow acrylic pen. The shading I did with charcoal pencil and Pan pastels.

“There is no other teacher but your own soul”

Your own Soul - Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing 1b

This beautiful quote  is from Swami Vivekananda. I think it’s so true.
It was on my mind while working on this page and so it had to be in it.

I still have to work very hard on my handwriting, because it’s not so great … but what the heck, it’s my project, in my journal, with my not so great handwriting

But I sure do hope that my writing will improve in the future. My handwriting has always been terrible and sometimes not even readable, but I keep trying! I’m afraid I do have to practice much, much more …

Art Journal · Mixed Media

“Her Deepest Thought” Watercolor

Her deepest thought - watercolor mixed media drawing paintingA little floating girl on a calm sea, in watercolor pencil.

Watercolor pencil and watercolor are things that I had a lot of trouble with in the beginning. The paint went his own way and did exactly the opposite of what I wanted. I like to have control over things and that did not really work with watercolor… So a very good lesson in letting go and watch what happens. I learn a lot more than just drawing and now I love watercolors and letting go.

When you’re in the flow of drawing and painting it gives such peace. I think it’s very good for your body and mind, somewhat like meditating. My mind gets turned off and my body relaxes, a wonderful feeling!

I’ve used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. The colors are very vibrant and it dries permanent. The drawing was done with graphite pencil and the white lines with a gel pen. The size of the watercolor paper is 10×15 cm.

The words I cut from an old Dutch book. Translated in English it goes: “Quietly her deepest thought flowed out to sea”

This one has a date on the back, 9 november 2015.

Mixed Media · Watercolor

“Tulip Girl” in my Altered book

Tulip Girl Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing

This is the first page of one of my altered books. The size of the book is about A5 (14.8 × 21 cm). I also have a bigger altered book, about A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and did some projects in that one as well. But sometimes I’m a little intimidated by the big empty pages, even though the pages aren’t really empty of course

Art Journal Altered book small - mixed media drawing paintingSo last week I went to the thrift store and bought a new old book. I love old children’s books, they often have beautiful covers. This one also has nice thick pages to work on.
And then there comes the moment to tear some pages from the book … and that is so very hard to do
I really, really, really love books and hate tearing them up, but it has to be done otherwise the book gets to thick when working in it, and after the first few pages the tearing gets a little easier. It also helped that the story is about hunters and I don’t really like hunting. There even was a picture of a hunter killing a bear …  That page went first!

So what did I use?

First I’ve put a layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the page and sprayed some different colors Acrylic Ink on it.

Then I drew her with graphite pencil and painted her face with acrylic paint. I did most of the coloring with Neocolor II watersoluble crayons and added some shadow with charcoal pencils. I believe that’s all I’ve used.

I love how she turned out and that the ink is shining thru the neocolors, what was not planned that way but accidental worked out great

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know, love to hear from you!

Art Journal · Mixed Media

“Dreamy Girl” Watercolor

Dreamy Girl - mixed media drawing painting watercolor

This is also one of my favorites, my Dreamy Girl made with watercolor. I love her sleepy eyes and her rosy cheeks.

When I start drawing I almost never have an idea of what I’m gonna make. Sometimes it’s going nowhere but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised! And this was such a moment.

I drew her with graphite pencil and used Neocolors II to color her. Only for her lips and pupils I’ve used Pitt artist pens and the little white dots are made with acrylic pen. The paper is 200g/m2 cold pressed watercolor paper, size 20cm x 20cm.

And I even loved her so much that I’ve turned her into my own Dreamy Girl mousepad

Dreamy Girl mousepad- mixed media drawing painting

Mixed Media · Watercolor

My first post! :)

You are safe - girl mixed media drawing painting
Hello and welcome to my brand new blog

This blog will be about my drawings and paintings, for the most part mixed media. I’m fairly new to all of this, I just started drawing last year, but I loved it immediately! If you want to know a little more about that you can read a short story at “About me“.

I found out I especially like working with other people’s left over scraps and old books. This girl is done on a piece of cardboard that I got from a friend. It’s about 2mm thick and 10cm x 10cm high and wide.

This is one of my favorites, I really love how she turned out. Love her eyes, love the colors of the background, love the words …. love just everything And most of the time that is not the case at all!

I can’t remember exactly what supplies I’ve used, but these I  know for sure:

  • patch papers and old bookpages for the background
  • gesso
  • acrylics
  • stamps
  • all purpose stamp ink
  • Prismacolor pencils
  • Derwent graphitint pencils
  • neocolor II
  • liquid Pearls
  • Molotow acrylic pen
  • rub-on letters

When I started to draw I didn’t date anthing and that’s a shame. But fortunately this project has a date on the back. It’s 27 januari 2016, so almost brand new.

I will try and post new projects but also things I’ve made last year from the time that I first started. I think I’ve improved a little bit since last year.

Mixed Media