“In Lak’ech Ala K’in” Watercolor

In lak'ech ala k'in - watercolor mixed media drawing painting

“In Lak’ech Ala K’in”. It’s a Mayan greeting and means “I am you. You are me.”
It is a statement of oneness with all living things including of course Mother Earth. I love it, with a very few words it says so much.

Sometimes it’s so easy to feel the oneness, especially with people who are dear to you. Or in nature, when I’m not stuck in my head, I can feel the energy from the trees, the birds, the sun… And of course when I’m drawing!

But sometimes it’s a bit harder, for instance with people or things you don’t really like very much It’s a great lesson to learn to see the oneness with those too … I’m still learning!

So in november last year, with this beautiful greeting in mind, I’ve made these two girls. I’ve painted them with watercolors on watercolor paper, size 10×15 cm. The drawing I did with graphite pencil and white gel pen and the words I’ve printed on my old printer which is not very good anymore, it prints every letter twice.

Remains for me to say to you…… 

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Mixed Media · Watercolor

“Her Deepest Thought” Watercolor

Her deepest thought - watercolor mixed media drawing paintingA little floating girl on a calm sea, in watercolor pencil.

Watercolor pencil and watercolor are things that I had a lot of trouble with in the beginning. The paint went his own way and did exactly the opposite of what I wanted. I like to have control over things and that did not really work with watercolor… So a very good lesson in letting go and watch what happens. I learn a lot more than just drawing and now I love watercolors and letting go.

When you’re in the flow of drawing and painting it gives such peace. I think it’s very good for your body and mind, somewhat like meditating. My mind gets turned off and my body relaxes, a wonderful feeling!

I’ve used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. The colors are very vibrant and it dries permanent. The drawing was done with graphite pencil and the white lines with a gel pen. The size of the watercolor paper is 10×15 cm.

The words I cut from an old Dutch book. Translated in English it goes: “Quietly her deepest thought flowed out to sea”

This one has a date on the back, 9 november 2015.

Mixed Media · Watercolor

“Dreamy Girl” Watercolor

Dreamy Girl - mixed media drawing painting watercolor

This is also one of my favorites, my Dreamy Girl made with watercolor. I love her sleepy eyes and her rosy cheeks.

When I start drawing I almost never have an idea of what I’m gonna make. Sometimes it’s going nowhere but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised! And this was such a moment.

I drew her with graphite pencil and used Neocolors II to color her. Only for her lips and pupils I’ve used Pitt artist pens and the little white dots are made with acrylic pen. The paper is 200g/m2 cold pressed watercolor paper, size 20cm x 20cm.

And I even loved her so much that I’ve turned her into my own Dreamy Girl mousepad

Dreamy Girl mousepad- mixed media drawing painting

Mixed Media · Watercolor