“Her Deepest Thought” Watercolor

Her deepest thought - watercolor mixed media drawing paintingA little floating girl on a calm sea, in watercolor pencil.

Watercolor pencil and watercolor are things that I had a lot of trouble with in the beginning. The paint went his own way and did exactly the opposite of what I wanted. I like to have control over things and that did not really work with watercolor… So a very good lesson in letting go and watch what happens. I learn a lot more than just drawing and now I love watercolors and letting go.

When you’re in the flow of drawing and painting it gives such peace. I think it’s very good for your body and mind, somewhat like meditating. My mind gets turned off and my body relaxes, a wonderful feeling!

I’ve used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. The colors are very vibrant and it dries permanent. The drawing was done with graphite pencil and the white lines with a gel pen. The size of the watercolor paper is 10×15 cm.

The words I cut from an old Dutch book. Translated in English it goes: “Quietly her deepest thought flowed out to sea”

This one has a date on the back, 9 november 2015.

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