“Flower” and “Poison” Art Challenge

Flower - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 4The art challenge #Shadowheartchallenge is keeping me very busy but I still love it very much! Luckily I have some things made already that I can use as well, like this little flower.

I’ve made her a couple of weeks ago not knowing that “Flower” would be a prompt in this challenge. I’m glad I did because often a drawing takes me a couple of hours and to do that every day is not really doable.
So this cutie is my entry for day 4.

Today, day 5,  the prompt is “Poison” and the only thing I could think of was love poison nr 9, I guess I won’t be the only one I’ve used some more vibrant colors for this one, because she’s a bit of a dangerous girl. I love how her heart shaped eyes turned out, she makes you love her

I’ve made them both using Graphite pencilCaran d’Ache pastel pencils and Panpastels. For the background I’ve used a stencil.  Pastels are still my most favorite art supply, love how soft the colors are even the more vibrant ones.

Poison - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 5



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