“Green Bubble Girl” in my Altered book

Green Bubble girl Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing

I am someone who likes to work small, little drawings of 10×10 cm. Or in my Art Journal (BookDori) that is about 15×20 cm. That is big enough for me. If it’s bigger I find it a little intimidating.

But I do have a bigger book, an old altered science book, that I’ve sometimes used to work in.
A double page is 37×26 cm and I’ll find it very big. But for this girl I did use it and I didn’t find it intimidating at all! Just grabbed my pencil and started drawing big without thinking about it. Lots of times things are just in your head and you think they are true until you just try them and prove your thinking to be wrong.

I’ve started with putting a thin layer of Golden Absorbent ground on the page. Then I’ve used Derwent Pastel Pencils for the coloring, Derwent Graphitint Pencils for some darker lines and Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils for the shading. For the background I’ve used Pan Pastels.

I love the transparency of it all and how her hair worked out, it looks like little round pillows sewn together and makes it all look very soft. The bright green color is very beautiful. And I love her chubby cheeks.
Still trying to find out if she is finished or not. For now I let her be the way she is.

Green Bubble girl face Art Journal - mixed media painting drawing


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