“Moonlight” Art Challenge

Moonlight - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 1

I have had a some doubt whether I should take part in this art challenge or not. Never done anything like this and I’m better at starting things than continuing things

But I liked the prompts and it gave me ideas that I otherwise never would have had. So I just started! I dont know if I can manage to do them all, but I will try.

The challenge is from @Shadowheartcollective and the tag is #Shadowheartchallenge. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. (you can find me on Instagram to @Janetrozenberg)
It started today so you can still join in!

The first prompt is “Moonlight” and so this is what I made of it. I did the drawing with graphite pencil and all the rest with Panpastels. I had a lot more things in mind like stars or maybe an owl, but she looks so soft and sweet in the moonlight so I left her like this.

It’s really great to see the beautiful things other people make of the prompt. They are all so very different, love it!





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