“Pastel Girl” Mixed Media

Pastel girl - girl mixed media drawing painting

Yesterday was a day that nothing went right. I was tired and was trying to do something with acrylic paint. But I’m not very good with acrylic paint so nothing worked out the way I wanted. I know I have a lot to learn and most off the time I enjoy the learning process. But yesterday wasn’t such a day…

So I gave up and took my diary to put some thoughts onto paper. But instead of a pen I took a stencil, some Distress ink and paints and just made a background with it. It relaxed me a lot because there was no pressure at all and no expectations of the outcome. I thought it was a nice background to write on.

But because I was so relaxed, I started to make something… I painted a little head and neck with some Amsterdam titanium buff light acrylic paint and when that was dry I put a thin layer of Golden Absorbent ground on it.

And then just started to draw…

I had a piece of scrap paper with some notes from my boyfriend and used that to make a dress. I used a stamp and some ink to decorate it a little and glued it in.

The coloring of the girl and her dress I did with Derwent pastel pencils, some Derwent graphitint pencils, and a blending stump. No stress there I know how to use those

Very pleased with how she turned out and thankful that she made my day a very good one after all

“Be Patient.
Relax and Trust.
Let go. Then,
let go some more.”

Melody Beattie

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