“Practicing girl faces” Pencil Drawing

Girl face 1 - pencil drawing painting

I love love LOVE drawing faces! Just sitting on the couch with my BookDori (I will show that in a later post), watching tv and draw draw DRAW! Not trying to draw lifelike faces, just some kind of whimsical girls.

Girl face 2 - pencil drawing paintingThese two I’ve made with a graphite pencil and a blending stump on simple white paper.

It always amazes me how different the faces are and how much I learn by just relaxing and draw.

Girl face on newspaper 1 - pencil drawing paintingIn my BookDori I’ve made an insert with newspaper paper and I’ve drawn a few faces on that. This one I’ve done with a Colored Graphite Pencil.

Girl face on newspaper 2And for the last two I’ve used a Cretacolor Nero Soft 2 and a blending stump.

They are all so very different, one looks cross-eyed, another dreamy or a little suprised.

I just let them come as they are and love them all because they give me so much peace an pleasure!

Girl face on newspaper 3 - pencil drawing painting

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