“Sleep” “Marriage” and “Forest” Art Challenge

Sleep - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 11

I’m a bit behind… Not with the challenge but with showing it on my blog… But here’s an update!

This little girl I’ve made for the prompt of day 11 “Sleep”. She’s ready to go to bed and dream sweet dreams with her little teddy close by.

I’ve used graphite pencil for the drawing and some PanPastel for the background.

Marriage - pencil pastel drawing painting shadowheartchallenge day 12

Day 11 was “Marriage” and I made this little couple who is joined together as one. I really love this one, the faces turned out so sweet.

Drawing again with graphite pencil and the background is done with a stencil and PanPastel.

For Day 12 I’ve used a drawing I did last year when I’ve first started drawing. It is just a year ago but it feels like I’ve been drawing all my life though.
Still love this one a lot especially because of the wonderful quote. Don’t know whose it is, but I love it.
I’ve used a Pigma Micron pen to make it.

I will soon be back with another update on the #ShadowHeartChallenge! Here on instagram you can see them all https://www.instagram.com/janetrozenberg

Whispers of old trees - pen drawing painting Shadownheartchallenge day 13

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