“Special little girl” Mixed Media

Special little girl 1 - girl mixed media drawing painting

I have an idea for a small book about a special little girl. But for that I need to draw the same girl a couple of times and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

So I just started drawing a girl, to see if she was special. And of course she was, like all the girls are, and all the boys of course. I’m talking about real life now, not just about drawn little people. Everyone is special and beautiful. But most of us have forgotten and are just trying to fit in to this strange society that we call normal

There are so many people who do not live their lives but do what they think is expected of them. They live empty lives and are trying to keep up … but with whom, with what? And when are you good enough, when do you fit in? When you have a lot of money, or the right clothes, or the biggest cars, or the most facebook friends…? You feel you are never good enough, but how can you if you don’t even know where you’re supposed to fit in to, or what you have to be like. So lots of people are living a life that is not their own. And that is very sad.

I feel people should listen more to their true hearts and a little less to their deceiving and confusing minds. The world would be a much nicer place …

So after this speech back to the little book about the special little girl 

I’ve made some drawings, 2 of them on a piece of cardboard. But I had not noticed that one of the pieces was smoother than the other. So the Prismacolor pencils look different on the second one.

After these two I started drawing on some pieces of  mixed media paper, so they all will look the same.

I’ve used Graphite pencil for the drawing, Prismacolor pencils to color the girl. The white around the girl is done with Molotow acrylic pen and the background with a Stencil and Pan Pastels.

Be like this special little girl … just be your own unique self!

Special little girl 2 - girl mixed media drawing painting

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