“Toadstool Girl” Pencil Drawing

Toadstool girl sketch - pencil drawing paintingI have an old book about toadstools, mushrooms, fungi. I don’t know the exact collective name in English for these beautiful things, I call them toadstools because that sounds the most fairylike
There are lots of beautiful watercolor drawings in it and so good examples for me to learn from.

As I mentioned earlier I like to draw while watching TV and this one was also made on the couch. To paint you a picture, I put a pillow on my lap to put my BookDori on and arrange pencils, sharpener, eraser and other art supplies around me on the couch. My cat squeezes between all the stuff and me and then we can begin.

I did this drawing with a 2b pencil and a blending stump and I love how she turned out. I’m not going to put color on her, I think she is finished.

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